A study by McKinsey found that since 2015, corporate America has made almost no progress in improving women’s representation in leadership. Women are underrepresented at every level. Nearly an equal amount of women enter the workforce but their numbers fall at every level of advancement until only 20% are left at the top leadership level.

Yet companies with a higher share of women at the executive level outperform those with fewer women. They average 41% more return on equity and 56% better operating results. As well, having a higher percentage of women in leadership predicted employees feeling more job satisfaction, more organizational dedication, more meaningful work, and less burnout.

The question is how can more women get promoted to higher levels of leadership in their organizations? And, once they get a new opportunity, how can they make sure to excel?

My coaching program is designed to help you achieve the success you have dreamed of in your career by breaking through the habits and thinking that hold you back.

The Program

Work at your own pace through the 8 modules below, which include video tutorials and exercises. One-on-one coaching sessions each month provide accountability, pacing and the opportunity to try out new skills in a worry-free environment.

Defining Who You Are

In this module, we explore how you see yourself and what makes you uniquely you to build on your strengths. 

Cultivating Your Presence

Being an effective leader is not only about who you are inside. It’s also about how others see you.

overcoming busyness trap

Overcoming The Busyness Trap

Discover where you are actually doing too much and create a plan to maximize your impact by putting your effort where it counts.

Communicating With Impact

Learn new communication skills to increase your impact, have your voice be heard, and create stronger connections.

making friend with failure

Making Friends With Failure

Begin to appreciate setbacks as opportunities rather than another reason to beat yourself up.

toughening up your skin, leadership coaching

Toughening Your Skin

Step into your own courage to weather the rough spots and bounce back with greater ease and resiliency.

Building Your Network

Intentionally create the relationships you need to succeed in this role and your next and enjoy the process. 

Planning Your Next Moves

Whether you are going up in your current organization, moving on to another challenge or developing the organization you run, you’ll develop a plan to get there.

If this sounds like what you need to take your career to the next level, I offer a 30-minute Insight Session to explore how my coaching program could fit your unique circumstances. I only work with a small number of one-on-one clients with whom I can make a transformational impact. If we don’t find a mutual fit, you will still gain benefit as the time talking will help you gain clarity around your goals.