Smart Ways to Communicate More Effectively in Meetings

The ability to work together interdependently is one of our least developed skills. Yet, it is the most vital in today’s competitive landscape. The communication skill of connecting with others – and creating the emotional space for others to open up – requires deep trust. Without trust, leaders and teams struggle to achieve extraordinary results.

Part 1: Raise Your Conversation IQ

Learn about what the latest in brain science can teach us about communicating effectively. Discover useful ways to engage with others to create more connection and impact in your conversations. And, we will explore the hidden effects that might be holding your team back from bringing their best selves to meetings.

In this workshop you will learn: 
  • How our brains can work for us, or against us, in challenging conversations
  • Creating more impact and being heard in meetings
  • A useful tool to assess where you and others are when in a conversation

Part 2: The Next Level of Conversation

Explore new ways to connect in conversations to increase team synergy and outcomes. In this workshop, we will experience what these skills can do for our conversations by creating deeper connections and building trust.

In this workshop you will learn: 
  • How to get beyond conversations where everyone is trying to prove their point to conversations where real innovation can take place
  • When to use each of the different levels of conversation skillfully
  • 5 tools that advance your conversations so that you can co-create and transform ideas with others

Hear what participants had to say: 

“It was fantastic! I learned a lot. I liked the brain science part. It really made things click and I was able to understand what is happening in the body during conversations.

–  Victoria W.

“Appreciated the time! I liked the connection of communication to brain research. 

– Julie M. 

You will leave these workshops with practical tools to use in your next meeting, larger or small. 

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