The Busyness Trap: 3 Common Ways Women Hold Themselves Back From Success
(and How To Change It)

  • Do you feel like you keep running harder and harder and still can’t keep up?
  • Are you tired of doing the lion’s share of the work on your team?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to stay ahead of your ever-growing workload?
  • Would you love to have more time with your loved ones?
  • Do you constantly feel scattered because you have so much going on?

Next Live Webinar: June 20th, 3:00-4:30 pm PST

In this FREE Live Webinar you will learn how being too busy can actually work against your job performance and hold you back from getting the recognition you deserve and making the impact that you are capable of creating.

  • How busyness will keep you stuck and limit your success
  • The 3 habits that contribute to busyness and how to break through them to realize more success
  • How women can achieve better results for their company and their career by focusing more attention on what really matters and saying ‘no’ to the things that aren’t getting them closer to their goals

You will leave this workshop with practical tools to make it happen in spite of everyday demands.

We’ll cover: 
  • How to get clear on your direction, goals, and aspirations
  • How to create a plan to focus your attention and energy only the things that will lead to a fulfilling and happy career and life
  • How to not feel like you let people down when you are looking out for your own aims

Next Live Webinar: June 20th, 3:00-4:30 pm PST

What Others Have Said:

“I really enjoyed the group shares with the thought provoking prompts. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt really comfortable and learned not just from the seminar but also the from the group too.”

– Erica C.

“This workshop is more than just unlocking the ‘Busy” in my own work life, but actually building the tools and foundation to drive change within my own career. I know I have things to work on in my career, but I wasn’t sure where or how to start. By attending Jill’s workshop I’m able to set the plan we built in motion, use techniques to approach tasks differently, and lean on the connections made during class as I continue to pursue growth. I was able to take things I learned and immediately apply them to my day-to-day activities. Not often do you wish a class was longer or spend the next week thinking about all the takeaways and flipping through the course material.”

– Hannah H.

“The workshop had good structure and helpful advice. It’s really meaningful and helpful for professional women to have coaching like this.”

– Lili G.

“I liked the content in the slides and the instructor’s way of making everyone comfortable from the start.”

– Aradhana E.

Next Live Webinar: June 20th, 3:00-4:30 pm PST

A little about me: I help women leaders master their current roles so they can reach the next level in their careers. I help clients build their leadership skills and break the habits that aren’t serving them to increase their success and pave the way for promotion. As a former marketing executive, I have experienced the challenges women face personally. I have worked in male-dominated fields such as sporting goods, footwear, and military suppliers, ultimately achieving the level of Vice President. After 25 years, I left the corporate world to serve others and share what I had learned that led to my success as a coaching manager. Learn More >>