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Women are running businesses and leading large teams. I work with them to help them build the confidence and skills to excel in their roles as their needs change with their growing businesses. 

✔️ Would you like to have more confidence in your ability to lead your team?

✔️ Do you need help understanding your strengths and unique abilities so you can put them to their best use and know where to delegate to others?

✔️ Are you ready to feel fully confident as a leader?

You’ve come to the right place. My work is devoted to helping women leaders be their greatest self so they can live to their full potential and give their gifts to the world.

I know that you have gifts that this world needs and the inner strength to get you through any challenge. Through a combination of client successes, scientific research, and personal experience, I have created a process to help you shake off the habits and patterns that are keeping you from enjoying the fulfilment and purpose that can come from leading with your feminine strengths.

If this sounds like what you need to take your business to the next level, I offer a 30-minute Insight Session to explore how my coaching program could fit your unique circumstances.

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  • My goal for this free half hour session is that you come away with clear insight of your particular issues and if I will be the right person to help you with them. Only if we both feel it's a good fit will we move on to the next steps of working together.

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Smooth seas never made a good sailor.

I love that phrase because it speaks to the deep courage that leaders need and also to the reward that mastery brings when you really know your game.

My work is devoted to helping women lead their businesses and their teams to greater success. As a business owner and in my 25 years as a marketing leader, I felt and experienced many of the same things that my clients do today.

Along my journey as a leader, I learned a lot about what helped me or hindered me from reaching my leadership goals that my clients benefit from today. I have always been passionate about helping women succeed and have gone out of my way to teach and mentor the women on my teams. Now, as a coach, I can facilitate the deeper learning that leads to transformation.

By doing this, it's my personal mission to help keep more women in leadership roles and help them grow their businesses in a sustainable way. Our world needs more women leading to provide an example of the power of human-centered leadership and to bring voice to all team members.

By having more success along their path women can find the reward in being a leader that motivates them. A different reward than what has been popularized by our male counterparts. One that is rooted in our values, well-being of ourselves and others, and a greater connection to the work and our colleagues.

Our world needs more women to answer the call of leadership and stay once they have reached that level. I’m here to help you develop the skills and confidence to find fulfilment in your career.

It's time for women to show the strength of good leadership and to have more impact

Companies perform better with more diversity. And, women have special talents to offer as leaders that can help our organizations solve the complex problems they face in today's rapid pace society.

A few of the success stories from my clients who have…

  • Built trust with team members by communicating more effectively
  • Shifted their mindset to see themselves as deserving of their current role and more as their business grows
  • Created strategies to focus on the projects that moved their business (and their career) forward
  • Taken the steps to build a strong team that could take over the day to day running of the business in prepation for exit
  • I’ll help you to push your own boundaries to find your unique strengths in a judgement and guilt-free zone. I’m here to be your biggest fan and champion and help you grow to be the leader your business needs you to be.

    What My Clients Say

    • I began working with Jill when I heard that a huge opportunity was opening up and I wanted to throw my hat in the ring. Many people told me that I would likely not be the candidate selected, but after speaking with Jill, I decided to go for it. At a minimum, it would show people my interest.

      Over a period of months, I worked with Jill on setting small goals and focusing on small steps. I began to reflect on behaviors that interfered with my message and impact. I grew in my ability to communicate and get the desired impact.

      Jill made herself available, encouraged me, sometimes confronted, and inspired me. After six months of hard work, they picked me for the job and my entire life changed. Thank you Jill for your contribution to my success. I will always be grateful.

      Kristine M.
    • I credit working with Jill with helping me get hired for my new job. Jill helped me refine my executive presence, distill my value proposition for interviews, and determine the best career strategy.

      Jill is patient, caring and thoughtful with her coaching. Her experience as a business leader informs her data-driven approach. She encouraged me to think beyond my comfort zone, and consider working in industries and companies outside of my wheelhouse.

      The job search process is often painful with a great deal of rejection, but having Jill as an advocate made the process a lot easier.

      Rachel Z.
    • Working with Jill has made a huge difference for me. I knew I needed to find a way to streamline my workflow and manage my time more constructively.

      Working with Jill has catapulted me ahead in getting the important work accomplished without burning out.

      It's also been helpful to have someone confidential to talk to. As an Executive Director, I don't have many people that I can talk to openly with. She has helped me to become a much more effective executive by having a dedicated time to think about the bigger picture. I highly recommend Jill as a coach.

      Robert M.
    • Jill has an intuitive sense of how to bring out my strengths and encourage confidence. Instead of avoiding promoting my business, I now talk about my skills and services fluidly and get more positive comments and business, as a result!

      Andrea D.
    • Jill is an amazing coach. Even before she started coaching professionally, she displayed so many of the qualities that make her excel in this work. She has always lead by example-- constantly on the path to becoming a happier, healthier individual and a more effective leader.

      My work with Jill has taught me to be more honest-- both with myself and with others and to depersonalize and reframe negative interactions. Her ability to be present with her clients exemplifies what it means to be "in service" to others. Her presence and her passion for her work inspire me to continue my own journey to be the best possible version of myself!

      Ceci L.

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